Of course something like this could only happen in San Franscisco where the politics begin on the left and go left from there. There is some state owned property right on the edge of town called The Cow Palace. They sometimes hold gun shows there among plenty of other events. Now having been a veteran of numerous gun shows I can tell you that they are usually no more dangerous than your average Tupperware party, unless the mere sight of weaponry gives you a panic attack. I assure you, there is plenty to see but little action. If you see someone aiming a gun, it’s always an unloaded weapon, and that is usually to check for ease of usage. No different than checking how tight the lid is on a new piece of Tupperware.

Earlier this year the legislature tried to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace. Like a large number of bills that go through the Legislature, this bill dealt with a very specific circumstance in one specific part of the state. I know this one dealt with state-owned property but others don’t always have that much of a state-level connection. The Libertarian in me says that more local control of legislative processes would be one way to improve efficiency when government actions are necessary. Then again, it might free up more time for them to pat each other on the back and to debate the usefulness of including a lecture on the Filipino veterans of WWII in CA schools so well, maybe not. (I’m NOT making that up) However, this could also be controlled by imposing a greater limit on when sessions occur, and by requiring that floor sessions be held at separate times from committee sessions. (HT to McClintock)

Unfortunately it was very close. There was a serious chance that bill could have made it to Ahnold’s desk. The good news is that it failed and the gun shows are safe for a little while longer. The bad news is that the State is still trying to sell the land (more legislation!) in this fiscal climate. While I normally applaud the gov’t selling off spoils of victories over taxpayers, it just doesn’t make sense right now. Three years ago would have been a different story, but now?

If you;re up north– go support the second Amendment and attend a Cow Palace Gun Show, while you still can!