The balloon ban (SB 1499, see previous posts) appears headed for passage. I believe it is at Ahnold’s desk.

This is not as bad as it first appears.

I really need to give some background. This bill started out as something regulating grease haulers. Somewhere along the way it turned into the infamous mylar balloon ban. (nanny state bills both but at least the first one had a little more of a problem attached to it.

The first versions after the G&A were like something out of a nightmare. It would have effectively banned the use, sale, donation or distribution of mylar balloons. The industry council came out in droves to oppose as did the Jon and Ken show (KFI radio) and some others.

I’ll give Scott some credit here. Maybe it was because he termed out and didn’t want to leave on too sour of a note. I don’t know. But he managed to compromise and turn this bill into someting tolerable if not exactly wonderful. Basically it got amended so that the weights on the balloons would be non-removable and some signs have to be placed at the POS warning of the potential dangers to power lines.

Yes, Scott is termed out– he’s headed I think to the university system. He’s like 75 years old and about as liberal as they come in this state which is saying something considering this is CA. Unfortunately his district is considered Dem-safe so his replacement may be just as bad, or worse.

I’d like to add that the :Legislature seems to think that if they put just enough pressure on business to get business to do their will and then work on the compromise, then that’s good legislation. I heard all the time “we need legislative oversight” and “the opposition has removed its objections” in the same bill. In other words they almost seem to want business in this state to cave in to a police state mentality. In other words, like willing slaves. It’s insane of course but it’s how it seems to be. “We need legislative oversight” basically translates to “in a police state situation we can’t trust you so pffllbbtt!”

I’m afraid the news gets worse from here. I’ll leave this until tomorrow sometime. You might want to have some drinks/mugwort/whatever before you read tomorrow’s and this weekend’s postings.